Second Steering Committee cum Scietific Advisory Committee meeting of DBT-NECAB

The Second Steering Committee cum Scientific Advisory committee meeting of DBT-NECAB was held on 23-25 January, 2020 at DBT-AAU Centre, Assam Agricultural University, Jorhat. The proceedings took place in presence of Dr. Ashok Bhattacharyya, Honourable Vice Chancellor and Chairman of the Steering Committee; Dr. T J V Higgins, CSIRO, Canberra Chairman of Scientific Advisory committte; Dr. M. Aslam, Member, Adviser and Consultant DBT, Govt. of India; Dr. T Madhan Mohan, Member, Senior Consultant Adviser, DBT-NERBPMC, Expert members from different Institutes of India, along with committee members and PIs of the Centre and other members of the Committee from AAU. During the Proceedings all PIs of individual projects presented their progress for the year and other members of the committee shared their views and suggestions.

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