Promotion of organic farming through provisioning of Bioinputs:


The centre puts a major focus on the development of large scale production of biofertilizers

Main objective of this programme is to:

     ● Enhance production and productivity of biofertilizers

     ● Strengthening and refining biofertilizers for wider sustainability

     ● Capacity building of satellite production unit

     ● Utilizing the biodiversity resources for refinement of biofertilizers technologies

Scientists involved with this programme are Dr. Rajen Baruah, Dr. D J Nath and Dr. D K Borah from AAU.

Salient accomplishment:

  • Several biofertilizing agents isolated and characterized; Such as 15 PSB, 18 Azotobacter, 15 Azospirillum, 10 PGP Rhizobacteria, 30 crop specific Rhizobium culture, etc
  • Nucleotide sequences of the 16s rRNA genes for the different bacterial strains were deposited in GenBank
  • Efficient Biofertilizer organisms are being sold to three Private firms for commercialization.
    • Monsut chem, Panikheti, Gauhati
    • Priyo Scientific, Jorhat
    • VRS Agritech Pvt. Ltd. Gauhati
  • Total revenue earned : Rs 2,58,843.00

Future line of research:

  • Large scale efficacy trial will continue
  • Isolation , characterization and evaluation of different beneficial microorganisms – Zn and K solubilizers and other Diazotrophs as biofertilizer agents from wider ecosystem of North Eastern Region
  • Molecular biodiversity of biofertilizer organisms.
  • Development and commercialization of a new microbial consortium
  • Homestead Azolla and compost production and enrichment.


Main objective of this programme is to:

     ● To develop and screen aggressive strains of bio inoculants for refinement of biopesticides for wider adaptability

     ● To develop consortium of beneficial microbes and to widen the network of organic agriculture technologies

    ● To enhance production capacity of biopesticides by developing the capacity of satellite production units in the KVKs of AAU

     ● Initiate AAU-Private sector partnership module for entrepreneurship development

Scientists involved with this programme are Dr. L C Borah, Dr. K C Pujari, Dr. A Basit and Dr. D K Saikia from AAU.

Salient accomplishment:

  • In all 10 acid tolerance genes were identified
  • Nine genes (dgk, fadS1, nitrate reductase; met-ABC-transporter, Urease cassette (ure A-G), Glutamate decarboxylase and hypA, hypB) were cloned
  • The Met-ABC transporter protein was produced in E coli
  • 300 agriculturally important isolates characterized and confirmed about 20 % - 50% more efficient when cultured in pH 7.0

Future line of research:

  • Important bio-agents isolated for biopesticides production:
    • Trichoderma harzanium; Trichoderma viride; Pseudomonas fluorescens; Metarhizium anisopliae; Beauveria bassiana; Verticellium lecanii; Bacillus thuringiensis; Trichoderma parareesei; Paecilomyces fumosoroseus; Aspergillus tamarii
  • Bioformulations developed:
    • Talc based formulations : Bio-Time; Biozin-PTB; Bio-Sona; Bio-llium; Bio-Meta; Bio-Zium; Bio-veer; Biogreen; Biogreen-L
        Organic based: Biofor-Pf
        DNA barcode have been developed for different bioagents using ITS, 28S and 16S rRNA markers
  • Total revenue earned: Rs 4,20,000.00
    • MOU signed with VRS Agribiotech, Guwahati for commercial production