In-House Workshop: “How to win a research project”

Dr. Higgins conducted an in-house workshop involving PhD scholars and Research Fellows on “How to win a research project”. In all 25 participants presented their project to be proposed for funding. Dr Higgins suggested the other students who did not present project proposal to take part in the workshop as reviewers. After the presentations there was questioning session by the reviewers and by Dr Higgins, and finally Dr Higgins put forward his comment on individual project presentation. This was indeed a unique workshop and presenters as well as reviewers had been benefited extremely. Presenters could get opportunity to improve upon their project writing skill. The workshop helped students to identify their strengths and weaknesses in preparing a scientific presentation, both in verbal delivery and in the organization of visual material.  The students found the guidance extremely useful for their own professional development. One good outcome is that Ms Trishna Rajguru, Research Associate in the department has recently own a project from DST under Young Scientist programme.

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