Vision of DBT-AAU Centre
Prepositioning AAU and thus the NE region with quality human resource with needed scientific acumen in the field of Agricultural Biotechnology as well as to develop and provide gene based solutions utilizing the conventional and unconventional bioresources of the region for treating various biotic and abiotic ailments restricting productivity increase in various crops locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

Development of biotechnology centered technology injections through the pursuits of innovative and exploratory research in the North-Eastern region of India in a public-public partnership mode between DBT and AAU while seeking collaborations from other national and international players in biotechnology including private sector partners.


The DBT-AAU center has the following composite objectives -

  • Undertake forward looking research agenda in the areas of Gene technology, Allele mining and Molecular breeding, Microbial gene prospecting
  • Develop human resource and capacity building
  • Provision of bioinputs through mass production to aid and assist in organic agriculture where the region has competitive advantage
  • Establish an accredited laboratory for quality analysis of farm inputs and products
  • Provisioning of a core fund to support innovative R&D in agricultural biotechnology in the region
  • Documentation and genetic cataloguing of bioresources for IP management