Project Implementation Unit (PIU):

There are three PIUs, one for each identified programmes/areas. The structures of the PIUs are as follows:

     Research & Development:

     - Chairman, Director of Research (Agri), AAU

     - The Director, DBT-AAU Centre

     - Coordinator (Research)

     - HoDs from participating departments

     - DBT Representative

     - Programme Leaders

     Academics (Human Resource Development & Capacity Building):

     - Chairman, Dean (Agriculture)

     - Director of PG Studies

     - The Center Director

     - Coordinator (Academics)

     - HoDs from participating departments

     Extending Technology Benefits - Services:

     - Chairman, Director Extension Education

     - The Center Director

     - Coordinator (Services)

     - I/C Acreditation Laboratory

     - Programme Leaders from Bioinput group

The PIUs meets once in every two months to take stock of the work progress, identify the snags and suggest remedial measures to PIC and ensure smooth implementation of the technical programmes keeping in line with the activity milestones.