Core Fund to encourage innovative research

    In order to encourage innovative ideas amongst the young scientists working in the field of Agricultural Biotechnology in different reputed organizations in the region, a core fund of ₹20.0 Lakh per year has been set up. Each year the centre advertises for innovative research ideas from scientists of North-East India. Based on peer reviews identified proposal (s) are funded moderately so that the scientist can generate baseline data and develop full proposal for submission to appropriate funding agencies.

    Projects funded in 2012-13 are:

  • Actinomycetes of deep water rice ecosystem potential application in agriculture and industry (Mr. Nripen Kr Gogoi, RARS, North Lakhimpur)
  • Pesticidal activity, compatibility, safety and development of Herbal Veterinary product from physic Nut, Jatropha Curcas (Dr. Badal Bhattacharyya, Dept of Entamology, AAU, Jorhat)
  • Investigation of population polumorphism of tulsi in assam and characterisation of its genes involved in biosynthesis of secondary metabolites (Dr. Basanta Kr Borah, ABT, AAU, Jorhat)
  • Standardisation of non-invasive DNA extraction methods and identification of functional SSR regions of Antherea assama for QTL based molecular breeding approach (Dr. Sourabh Kr Das, J B College, Jorhat)
  • Comparative evaluation of whole outer membrane protein of Pasteurella Multocida adjuvanted with Calcium Phosphate nano-particles and polylactide co-glycolide (PLG) microparticles as a vaccine candidate against swine pasteurellosis (Dr. Shantanu Tamuli, Dept of Veterinary Sciences, AAU, Guwahati)
  • Identification of Pharmaceticals in stem cell Machinery of Tea (Dr. Sangeeta Bochetia, J B College, Jorhat)

    Projects funded in 2013-14 are:

  • Comparative profiling of small RNAs in different Capsicum sp (PI: Dr S Acharjee, Dept of Biotechnology, AAU, Jorhat and Co-PI: Dr N Ramsiary, Asst Professor, Life Science, JNU)
  • Studies on ex-vivo expansion and differentiation of bone marrow derived mesenchymal stem cells. (PI: S Das, Bodoland University, Kokrajhar, Assam)
  • Biochemical and Molecular analysis of nutritional quality of red kernelled rice Germplasm of Assam (PI: Dr D Choudhury: RARS, North Lakhimpur, AAU)