Dr. Bidyut Kr Sarmah, Director, DBT-AAU Centre, AAU

Dr. B K Sarmah is an eminent scientist who has made significant contributions to the field of agricultural biotechnology in general and transgenic crops in particular. He obtained Ph. D degree from Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi, in the year 1995. In 1997, Dr. Sarmah joined Institute of Biological Chemistry, Washington State University, Pullman, USA as a Research Associate for his Post Doctoral Program. He has worked with CSIRO, Australia and Friedrich Miescher Institute, Switzerland as visiting Scientist. In 2006 he was invited to Washington State University, Pullman, USA as a visiting faculty.

Since 2007 he has been acting as EDITORIAL BOARD MEMBER of the international journal ‘Plant Science’ being appointed by ELSEVIER publication, USA. In 2012, he was recognised as the Top Reviewer by Plant Science. He has also been the Editorial Board Member of Indian Journal of Genetics and Plant Breeding since 2012. His present field of research is Gene technology for the improvement of grain legumes.

Dr. Sarmah established collaborations with the following organizations for various projects:

  • Washington State university, USA, National Chemical Laboratory, Pune and Mahatma Phule Agricultural University, Rahuri, Maharastra for the project titled “Genetic improvement of chickpeas for increased productivity” which was funded by The McKnight Foundation, USA
  • Friedrich Miescher Institute, Basel, Switzerland and Bose Institute, Kolkata for the project entitled “Agrobacterium mediated genetic transformation of chickpeas to confer protection against pod borers and stored grain pests” which was funded by Indo-Swiss Collaboration in Biotechnology (Phase I)
  • CSIRO Plant Industry, Canberra and ICRISAT, Patencheru for the project titled “Development of transgenic chickpeas (Cicer arietinum) resistant to pod borer (Helicoverpa armigera” which was funded by Indo-Swiss Collaboration in Biotechnology (Phase II) and for the project “Genetic Enhancement of chickpeas using a two gene strategy to confer protection against pod borers” funded by Indo-Australia Strategic Research Fund

Dr Sarmah has completed several projects funded by National and International funding organization in his credit. Currently he is PI for two chickpea gene technology programme, CoPI for two Pigeon pea gene technology programme and also CoPI for one rice gene technology programme. Dr. Sarmah developed the following Genetic stock

  • Transgenic chickpea lines harbouring a bean α-amylase inhibitor gene, resistant to stored grain pests (Callosobruchous sp.) (Collaboration: Dr T J Higgins, CSIRO Plant Industry)
  • Transgenic chickpea lines harbouring Bt-Cry2Aa and Bt-Cry1Ac gene resistant to pod borer (Helicoverpa armigera) (Collaboration: Dr. T J Higgins, CSIRO, Canberra, Dr P A Kumar, NRCPB, New Delhi and Dr H C Sharma, ICRISAT, Patencheru)

In August, 2009, the technology on “Insect Management Know how in chickpeas using Bt genes (Cry2Aa and Cry1Ac)” that was developed under the banner of Indo-Swiss Collaboration in Biotechnology programme was transferred to MAHYCO, India through a non exclusive licensing agreement. Later on the technology was transferred to Sungroo seeds, New Delhi. Currently, the technology has been transferred to other nationally important public organizations such as ICRISAT, Patencheru; IIPR, Kanpur and UAS, Dharwar.

Dr. Sarmah has co-authored three book chapters and has more than fifty publications in National and International journals.