Scholarship awarded to the PhD students:

The Centre has been providing scholarships to PhD scholars on merit basis through a scholarship committee constituted with the approval from the Vice Chancellor, AAU, Jorhat.
In total 9 students have been awarded fellowships and that included 4 PhD students for the year 2014-15

Scientific Exchange Programme

Year: 2012-13

Nayana Hazarika

Nayana Hazarika, a Junior Research Fellow in Chickpea transformation programme is currently working with Dr. Higgins at CSIRO, Australia as a visiting research fellow under Foriegn Exchange Programme.

Year: 2013-14

Sudipta Sankar Bora

Sudipta Sankar Bora, a Junior Research Fellow working under Bioprospecting of Soil Microbes for acid tolerance has been invited as a visiting research fellow to work under Dr. Alan Richardson of CSIRO Plant Industry, Canberra for a period of one year.

Year: 2014-15

Ms. Rashmi Rekha Baruah

Ms Rashmi Rekha Baruah, SRF, under the NFBSRA project entitled “Development of pod borer resistant pigeon pea and chickpea” joining CSIRO, Australia as a visiting research fellow to work on “Gene technology for the improvement of chickpea”.

Ms. Priyakshee Borgohain

Ms. Priyakshee Borgohain, Dept of Plant Breeding and Genetics joined Plant Science division, Southern Cross University, Australia as PhD students during Feb 2015. She is working on Glucosinolate variation in Brassica Juncea which could lead to identification and isolation of a glucosinolate gene that could be used in the proposed Brassica project for aphid resistance.