Project Steering Committee (PSC):

The PSC meets quarterly and have the following duties:

     - Programme Implementation

     - Progress monitoring the research programs of the center

     - Policy and priority framing

     - Identify new opportunities and activities of the Center so as to take up research as unfolded from time to time

     - Appointment of Faculty and Staff at the center

     - Allocation of human and financial resources to different projects of the center from time to time

     - Purchase and Procurement of facilities required at the center

     - Day to day activities at the center including monitoring financial, academic and administration activities


     -Vice Chancellor, AAU


     - Dr. T J V Higgins:      Honorary Fellow, CSIRO, Canberra


     - Dr. M Aslam:         Member, Adviser-DBT, Govt. of India

     - Dr. T Madan Mohan:    Member, Senior Consultant Adviser, DBT-NERBPMC

     - Dr. N K Singh:          Expert Member, ICAR-National Professor

     - Dr. M V Deshpande:         Expert Member, Scientist, NCL, Pune

     - Dr. Arvind Kumar:         Expert Member, Scientist, IRRI

     - The Dean, Faculty of Agriculture:          Member, AAU

     - The Director of Research:          Member, AAU

     - The Director of Extension Education:          Member, AAU

     - Dr. M K Modi:         Member, Prof & HOD, Agril-Biotechnology, AAU

     - Dr. B K Sarmah:         Member Secretary, Director, DBT-AAU Centre

     - Dr. L C Bora:          Member, Professor, Plant Pathology, AAU

     - Dr. R Baruah:          Member, Professor, Soil Science, AAU

     - Dr. M Barooah:          Member, Professor, ABT, AAU

     - Dr. S Acharjee:          Member, Asst.Professor and PI, ABT, AAU