Workshop IV: Writing and Publishing in Scientific Journals

The fourth workshop entitled “Writing and Publishing in Scientific Journals” got underway on Monday 25, November’ 2013 at DBT-AAU Centre, Assam Agricultural University, Jorhat. The workshop is being seen as a benchmark being the first of its kind in the entire north-east region.

The DBT-AAU Centre has invited Prof. David Lindsay, Professor of Emeritus of University of Western Australia, as a resource person. Prof. Lindsay is the author of important books such as “Scientific writing: thinking in words”, “A guide to scientific writing” etc. Prof. Lindsay offers several courses in writing scientific papers and teaches scientific writing to scientists all over the world.

The workshop was officially inaugurated by Dr. G N Hazarika, the Director of Research, Assam Agricultural University and Chief Guest of todays’ programme, who in his speech underscored the significance of the workshop saying that ‘Poor writing is one of the principal reasons why many scientific papers are rejected by reviewers and hence the importance of good writing can never be over-emphasised’.

Dr. D. K. Borah, Dean, FA and guest of honour also expressed that this workshop would be able to imbibe into the scientist’s necessary communication skills that would help not only the north eastern region but also the country at large to contribute more in the agricultural arena.

In his welcome address, Prof. B. K. Sarmah, Director of the Centre, stated that the main aim of the workshop was to train the future trainer in scientific writing techniques and skills at Assam Agricultural University and other organizations of North East India. He emphasised on the fact that poor writing skills has become a barrier thus limiting the entry of several good quality research results in renowned international journals. These good quality research results end up getting published in mediocre or even sub standard journals. Thus good research becomes meaningless unless the findings are communicated in clear and interesting fashion. He also pointed that importance of correct writing is beyond just the need to communicate—it is a valuable tool to shape the thinking and doing science.

There was a huge rush from young scientists from academic and research organizations across the nation for attending the Workshop however as per suggestion of the resource person only forty participants were selected for participation in the first day while only selected eight out of them would be able to attend the entire workshop. This will help give final shape to publish some valuable research results achieved by scientists of North East India in the form of quality research papers.

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